October 1, 2022

There is a very big difference between the two, even though both words come from the Latin word ‘SEA’ which is MARE.

Marine is an adjective meaning ‘of or pertaining to the SEA,, as in marine biology, the study of life in the sea.

Maritime is an adjective meaning pertaining to objects or actions related to or conducted on the sea, as in “maritime history” which is the study of events that have occurred on the high seas — shipping, commerce, discovery etc.

Thus “MARINE” directly relates to the SEA, while ‘MARITIME’ relates to things associated with the SEA.

Just to amplify this, if you attended a Marine College – You would be studying about the stuff under the sea like Marine Biologists come from here.

If you attended a Maritime College – You would be studying to become a seafarer.

Now you know “MARINE” and MARITIME are two different things entirely.

~~Ekiye Gas-ere Emmanuel

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