October 1, 2022

Below are some good reasons you should consider a career in the Marine Industry

✓ SPECIAL WORKING EXPERIENCE: Working in an office is very bored, but Jobs in the Marine industry is not, the marine industry provide you the opportunity to work in a unique and ever changing environment, Joining the Marine industry means working with people from a variety of different nationalities and culture, and enjoying exciting experiences not offered by any other career.

✓ TRANSFERABLE SKILLS: The ability to prepare you for a wealth of different jobs across other industries is one of the best reasons to work in the Marine industry, Qualifications and experience gained by working in Marine industry, are often transferable to other industries, and Engineers with no previous experience in the Marine industry, one can often easily find Engineering jobs in Marine due to similar skill sets and job requirements, After you experience offshore, Marine Engineers, you can enjoy opportunities in thousands of shore based management jobs.

✓ TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD: Although cruise ship spend less time in port, A career in the Marine industry provides you the opportunity to travel almost anywhere in the world, Marine jobs enable Engineers, Technicians and Senior Executives to discover a variety of cultures and experiences by living and working in new and exciting locations around the world, Marine jobs can take you from Ñigeria to United Kingdom, China to Spain, Finland to New Zealand and back to Nigeria, in just a few months, this represent one of the top best reasons to work in the Marine industry.

✓ BECOME PART OF SOMETHING IMPORTANT: The marine industry play a vital part of the global economy, These is to say the Marine industry is responsible for carrying over 90% of the world’s trade, without sea transport, the world economy would have collapse, Joining the Marine industry means becoming a part of the bigger picture, not only by building vessel, but in supporting economies, businesses and people all over the world.


Choose Ñigeria Maritime University (NMU) For A Successful Career in the marine industry.

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